Being Mediocre

Typical question being asked by people much did u scored in 10th ?

Nowadays 80% has also become an average score. We all can see how competition has increased crazily these days .

There are many students who are good at other things but only handful of them are able to explore their own talent.Every person is not lucky to have great guru in their life. I am very good at dance , trekking and adventurous activities..but surroundings does affect you and so i never thought of pursuing career in such activities. Though my dad did suggested me once pursuing career in dance, but somewhere i felt it’s better to focus on studies…

If a person is not at all doing well in particular thing at least he knows clearly that this path is not meant for him but what about an average student…????

Whatever you do in life, the very thing essential is the self satisfaction at the end of the day.Life is not about dragging things which you don’t like but always trying new things never know..may be you will enjoy it ..what if One feels Mediocre. Here is an article which i came across recently.

Let’s assume you feel that you’re mediocre.

You think that you’re just an average person without any valuable skills, talents or connections. You think you’re going nowhere in life, and the situation is going to continue.

That’s good. Realizing your mediocrity is the first step towards real growth.

If you notice, most people who excel at what they do were mediocre during a point of their lives. Every master was once a disaster. Once they admitted their mediocrity and decided to make it their history, they started honing their skills with unparalleled determination. Before the world knows it, they’re already performing at a completely different league. And you know what? You can do the same too.

Once you’re prepared to step up your game, gather all resources available and TAKE MASSIVE ACTIONS.

Read books which improve your mindsets. Cultivate the mastery mindset. Look for like-minded people who can raise your standards by at least 10x. Follow people who have achieved what you want and reverse-engineer their success. Make your past experience your friends. Most importantly, establish a growth mindset and believe that you can learn whatever things that others can, as long as you put in the effort and learn things the right way. Work hard in silence and let success make its noise.

Your inner demons are going to hold you back, and that’s when you separate yourself from the rest.

The demons are irrational fear, procrastination and perfectionism. These demons tell you that by moving away from mediocrity, you’re risking your life. The thing is, most people buy into their demons’ influence! Fundamentally, these demons have one purpose: To trap you in your current comfort zone. If you want to step up your game, you must expand your comfort zone. Note that I don’t say get out from your comfort zone altogether. Instead, I say expand it. When you expand your comfort zone, the demons will not fight you that vigorously, thus allowing you to grow more steadily. This is the part most people fail. If you get past this stage, the last thing would be to…

Understand that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Great things require time. If you want to be great, that’s something great and does require time. What you have to do is to persevere and improve consistently. You don’t have to strive for huge improvements in a week or two. You just have to be 1% better everyday. Let your daily improvement compound and you would have improved by 3800% after a year. Yes, 38 times better! So, make time your friend and enjoy the process. Learn to view challenge and pain as your “quiet” mentor. They appear in your journey to teach you something.

Lastly, when you’re no longer mediocre, look back to your day 1 and see how far you’ve progressed.




Being Human

From past few days I have been reading books and articles of Karma yoga. As a person I am very much inclined towards spirituality. Every article which I read and went through mainly focused on human behavior ;Emphasizing more over how important it is to do well, behave good ,to be selfless and how there should be unconditional love.

Below is amazing article by Swami Vivekananda about Karma Yoga-

Here are two Sanskrit words. The one is Pravritti, which means revolving towards, and the other is Nivritti, which means revolving away. The “revolving towards” is what we call the world, the “I and mine”; it includes all those things which are always enriching that “me” by wealth and money and power, and name and fame, and which are of a grasping nature, always tending to accumulate everything in one centre, that centre being “myself”. That is the Pravritti, the natural tendency of every human being; taking everything from everywhere and heaping it around one centre, that centre being man’s own sweet self. When this tendency begins to break, when it is Nivritti or “going away from,” then begin morality and religion. Both Pravritti and Nivritti are of the nature of work: the former is evil work, and the latter is good work. This Nivritti is the fundamental basis of all morality and all religion, and the very perfection of it is entire self-abnegation, readiness to sacrifice mind and body and everything for another being. When a man has reached that state, he has attained to the perfection of Karma-Yoga.

But the very thing that always confuses me is that if a person wants to follow nivritti , where in u have to do good work for other beings, you have to be calm, you have to very soft-spoken. But why is that people always take you for granted for being so good, being very helpful. The below questions hovers across my mind.

  • Am I taken for granted?
  • Why I am always dominated for being so soft spoken?

The world has become so cruel and selfish that even though we are trying to follow the steps of karma yoga you never know how you are being fooled by others. The number of dishonest people are rising . Currently we are in such a phase where one needs to be shrewd otherwise people may take undue advantage of you.

So basically here also one needs to stay balanced. You should have the blend of both. One needs to take behavior decisions according to the situations that come forward.

What is Real Happiness??


For Some People it is Wealth ..

For Some it is Love ..

For Some Fame ..

For Some Rank & Position ..

To achieve these people just run after it  ..

Some take the right path and some wrong …Running after this can only destroy good virtues of the person .

When you get attached to a person you just get addicted to the materialistic things..

And sometimes this intoxicates human mind if not balanced properly …

Fame, Rank , Position are all temporary happiness for a person…People have become so competitive in their life that they just run after this for temporary happiness..

Then what is real happiness??

Or it just remains a mirage …

Taking inspiration from SAM..

I was watching this philosophical video ” Secret of Happiness” by Sam Berns who was diagnosed with Progeria (very rare disease of fast ageing ) at the age of 2 . These people are very much prone to heart diseases as their physical body gets old .At the age of 13 their body starts living the life of 103 approx. The thought of going through such life can make anyone depressive.

Today if you see young people are not even able to handle their stress level and so the suicidal rates has gone up tremendously. Talking about Sam , he totally took this up in a very positive way. His zest of doing something progressive in such a young age is just inspiring , especially knowing that death is going to knock his door any time..any day. He just lived and enjoyed every moment of his life and that’s why I admire him. He was just 17 years old when he died.

What inspired me about Sam ?

  • The way he enjoyed each moment of life.
  • Positive thinking about he being blessed with a happier life .
  • The way he focused on the activities which he CAN do and not thinking about the things which he can’t do .
  • He always tried to surround himself with people who he want to be with. People who have high qualities in them .

I  really feel if a person have to grow in his life he should go through bad phase in life to become strong and brave. Whether it may be failure, illness, or whatever you learn from it. All these situations are created by God to make one strong , to prepare you for the betterment of future. The earlier you go through a bad phase ,the more easily  you climb the ladder of success. Everyone should know how to face it , how to tackle it and just not give up in the mid way and end your own life.

Why it is important to step out of your Comfort Zone..

People really feel good about themselves when they start with their first job with a decent salary. 80% of the people just enjoy with what they have and 20% of them think of assimilating knowledge as much as they can within short span of time and switching to another company.Conically, I intended to be the part of that 20% and i did started pretty well but i never realized when i became the part of that 80%.

In 2013 I got placed in an MNC as a Financial Analyst. As the market was not doing well i started it with very low base salary so initially my focus was to learn and look for another job with better growth prospects and with better salary. Initially i did had to face hurdles but later I was doing well in that job ,Got promoted and hence got comfortable with the same routine. The job was getting little stressful later on which was ultimately hampering my health . After 3 years i realized that now i am not learning new in my workplace and somewhere i am loosing out my creativity.

When people get attached to certain things and get comfortable with the things around , they will not think for change but when those things goes against them that time they realize the need for change .

That pinch in life is very important in everyone’s life. I was getting attached with the people and the the way it was working which made me difficult to move out of the place .I have finally changed my job and have accepted a new role in Banking Finance which completely differs from the previous one. And the best part of the new role is finally i was able to balance my professional and personal life. I started giving time to myself and exploring ME in me. I learned many new things after accepting new change in life.

As a person i have always liked to learn new things in my life.Learning something new out of your comfort zone is what is very important.The more you push yourselves to do something different the better you will be capable of dealing with difficult situations in life. So now when i look at myself i dint regret about things in my life. Of course i have not achieved anything great in life but i just feel happy for not loosing hopes and not stopping . At least realizing things and having the determination to get back on track  is all you need.

Just go with the flow ..

Every girl has a dream of having a life partner like her father who cares, adores and is protective about her .My dreams are no different from others …

I always wanted one with whom our thoughts and relationship will progress. For me, marriage is all about Love, Care and sacrifice.

It takes time for some people to understand what they are exactly looking for. I was one of them and I gradually started to understand this when I met new people and came to know their story . It is very interesting to know others opinion regarding life, marriage , relations and love ..and may be this how either we connect with these people or we don’t ..and so we have to face this phase of acceptance or rejection…but rejection helps u a lot to improve on urself if u are taking it positively. Rejection does not mean you are a bad person or you are not perfect. It just means things are not perfect for both of you.

So when u face rejections don’t be upset as all these things have been written by God.. If something is meant to happen it will and if something is not then it will not …it’s up to us how we are taking things …

I would rather say just flow with the God’s decision …just trust him…and belive in ur self 🙂